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The Science - Mother Nature’s Legacy
Mach 4 Water

We are Not Just Another Water Product.

Our Product Releases Molecular Oxygen
Directly to Your Body

In the process of evolution, living organisms changed from a world without molecular or gaseous oxygen to an oxygen-rich environment—thus sustaining Life. One source of this oxygen was the water molecule. Scientists now understand that oxygen was available at the atomic level as a result of the catalytic conversion of water molecules.

Mach 4 Water has uncovered a biocatalyst that allows oxygen to be transferred from the water molecule to atomic oxygen which is used instantly in the human body at the cellular level.

Mach 4 Water does not add oxygen to its products. Rather it uses the naturally occurring molecular oxygen in the water to enhance the body’s absorption capability and performance. This process also enhances the body’s absorption of our vitamins and minerals to increase your alertness and energy.

Mach 4 Water

Actually oxygenates your cells for increased energy and health!”

Our proprietary formula contains

  • Our proprietary formula contains
  • Our Highest Quality Mineral Water  Plus:
  • Amino Acids and Vitamins
  • Deep-Sea Oceanic Vent Microbes are known as ArchMicrobes 
Destruction of a Pathogenetic Cell

This video is captured in extreme slow motion, this is because the destruction of the pathogenic cell happens so quickly that the human eye would not see the process at normal video speed.

At the 30 second mark you can see where we set the microscope to start viewing. You can see that the live blood cells are looking sluggish and stuck together, also known as Rouleaux.

At the 45 second mark, another drop of our water was added. You can see that some cells are so unhealthy that they are sticking together as the water is added, but at the 1:17 mark you will see that the water has caused the unhealthy cells to be disrupted.

At the 2:54 mark you can see that the white blood cells are also disintegrating from whatever pathogens they were carrying inside. We continued to move the slide to see what the water had done for the blood.

At the 5:32 mark you can see that the blood is still moving freely.

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